Data Privacy Statement for Bluespot Free WiFi

Personal data are collected by Wall GmbH when Bluespot Free WiFi is used. This statement informs you about the data that are collected and how they are processed by Wall GmbH.

1. User Administration

1.1 To access the service, users must provide their full name (first and last) as well as a valid e-mail address. It is not possible to use the service without providing this information.

1.2 In addition to the information identified under Section 1.1, the user administration system automatically saves the following data: user ID, date and time of first registration, and date and time of last login. In addition, the system saves the language of the user interface and the operating system of the end device. Your password is transmitted to the user administration system in encrypted form.

1.3 In addition to the data identified in the previous section, the system saves the MAC addresses of devices that are logged into the service. The MAC address is required to automatically restore the internet connection after undesired interruptions to connectivity as well as to inform you of Bluespot Free WiFi locations in your vicinity.

1.4 Your device ID (i.e. your device or Apple ID) is not collected or saved by the system.

2. Connection Data

2.1 When using Bluespot Free WiFi, the following connection data are automatically collected and saved for the duration of your usage: the IP address assigned to your device, intranet IP address, the MAC address of your device, as well as the communication protocol and ports used for the connection. These data are saved and will be deleted in accordance to the current law.

2.2 The connection data referred to under Section 2.1 are processed in an alternate and separate system from the data saved for user administration.

2.3 In circumstances foreseen under Article 100 of the German Telecommunications Act (Disruption or Misuse of Telecommunications Systems) the connection data may be temporary saved and linked to user administration data.

3. Data Processing and Limitations on the Use of Data

3.1 Data are collected, stored, and processed solely for the purpose of provisioning Bluespot Free WiFi in accordance with prevailing requirements and for fulfilling contractual obligations.

3.2 The collection, storage, and processing of user data takes place solely in Germany.